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  Kerin Muggleton Artist    

For Kevin Muggleton art is a lifestyle, the more of life you experience, the more fascination the art world becomes.  Film, photography, painting, design, sculpture are indeed separate disciplines, but each subject excites Kevin, and it’s this excitement that drives the design process. Photography is exacting, there is little illusion to the subject matter, building layers of paint from a crisp white surface into a stunning piece of art satisfies like little other experience, and the process of bending shaping and welding metals lets him understand boundless creativity

Born in southern England, 1966, Kevin didn’t have the chance to take root. His father, an army paratrooper, was constantly on the move . By the age of six, he found himself living in the Orient, and since then has lived and worked as a photographer, film maker and artist on every continent. The colors and textures of his paintings represent the changes in light and moods of his travels to different lands. Kevin works with a combination of acrylic glazes and oils. Currently, Kevin lives in Denver Colorado with his wife Christine and son Redvers Ténéré.

The collection shown here consists of the artwork available, commissioned pieces are limited only by the size of the mounting space.